Mayor Charlie Wyatt

Round 1 Blight Elimination Program

Round one of the Blight Elimination Program began January 19, 2016. The first house, located at 229 S. Charlton Ave, was taken down by round one bid winner Aigner Construction.  The anticipated date of the next home to come down, is Monday January 25th. House number 2 is located at 520 South 7th St. There are 2 more homes in Boonville scheduled to come down in round one, 323 East Main Street is scheduled for Jan 27, 2016 and 122 Stevens Street, scheduled for February 1, 2016.

A pre-bid meeting for round two was held January 19. Bids for round two will be opened February 8, 2016.  Seven more homes in the city are slated to be removed in that round. Hopefully round two demolition will begin in the spring.

For more information regarding the bid process, contact Jeff Floyd, Code Enforcement Officer, at Boonville City Hall. Contractors wanting to bid for round two can come into City Hall and view the bid specifications.