Mayor Charlie Wyatt

Quail Crossing Welcomes New Golf Course Superintendent

After many interviews with many great candidates, we have chosen Tom Horsman as the new Superintendent of Quail Crossing Golf Course. His experience and knowledge in turf management will be a key component of making Quail Crossing Golf Course a destination you don’t want to miss.   He will be at Quail Crossing Golf Course starting this coming Monday.

  • Originally a native Hoosier from Marion Indiana. He started his career in Turf management at Oak Meadow Golf Club here in Evansville as an Assistant Superintendent.
  • His educational background in Turf is from the golf management program at Rutgers University.* He spent 13 years working for American Golf Corp. at stops in Chicago and California.*
  • He moved to Texas in 2013 working for Touchstone Golf and Landscapes Unlimited at 2 properties in South Texas.*
  • He has extensive knowledge of both warm and cool season turf grasses, and will be looking forward to bringing that knowledge and conditioning practices to Quail Crossing Golf Course.*
  • He is married and has 3 children.*
  • He is very much looking forward to moving back to Indiana and being a part of the local community, as well as reacquainting with new and old, friends and family.*
  • He looks forward for the opportunity to work with the staff at Quail Crossing Golf Course, in their endeavor of bringing Quail Crossing Golf Course back to prominence on the local scene.   An opportunity the whole Tri-State community can enjoy with pride for years to come.
  • I ask all at Quail Crossing Golf Course to get behind Tom as well as welcoming him to our City.

Michelle Johnson
Quail Crossing Golf Club
Director of Operations
Quail Crossing Golf Course